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Does my Program qualify for an online store?​

To qualify for an online store a school should have a minimum of 800 total enrollment, with a music program that draws at least 15% of participation. We are happy to discuss with you how your particular music program may best fit.

How does the program work?

Our program is quite simple and most importantly there is no cost to your program for participating. Our team of specialists will work with you to pick a line of apparel, we will create several designs with your logo and we will create the custom shopping portal for your program. You determine the length of the sale. We recommend 4-6 weeks. Results of that first sale program may encourage a year long merchandise store.

How can we raise funds for specific students as well as our General Fund?

We issue a set student ID Code unique to your school. Each time an order for any merchandise is placed, the buyer is able to apply the specific ID Code to credit their chosen student with a total of 25% of the purchase, (Including Shipping!). That’s right the actual purchase price listed with free shipping is the amount that the student applies for their credit.

Can each student promote their own ID Code?

Yes, this allows friends, family, and the student to use their social media, text, email, and word of mouth to promote your merchandising site and their ID Code safely and without revealing any other personal information on line! They only need to ask their purchaser to list their ID Code when prompted during the purchase.

What if a buyer does not have a Student ID Code to apply to their purchase?

If a purchaser does not include a code, the commission is still paid, and can be applied to your General Fund. This usually occurs when a buyer purchases general school spirit logo such as stadium cushions or other merchandise that we have designed specifically for your site.

How Does Free Shipping Work?

The listed price for merchandise includes shipping to the lower 48 states. Each individual purchase is shipped to the buyer directly, much like an Amazon Prime purchase. You never need to handle merchandise directly.

How do we get paid?

A single check is issued to your Music Program within 10 days of shipping., payable in the name as you designate on the enrollment agreement. You will also get a print out of the dollar amount attributed to each Student ID Code. You or your booster treasurer simply credits each student account that portion of commission listed on your print out. We never see a student’s personal information, only their ID Code.

How will my program benefit from an online store?

Promoting your own Music Program Merchandise store brings awareness to your entire school, allows increased Music Program participation, builds community goodwill, and provides a safe, secure, and potentially very lucrative source of fund raising for expenses that meet your specific needs.-The program is FREE to participate in with endless options of customization. Special Fundraising causes, music travel, school plays and concerts and more! We are able to update your merchandising store as needed.